The Ultimate Proof

Richard Daniel ( wrote:
: Why don't we create a FAQ file about the Invisible Pink Unicorn
: (pbuh)?  I'm just a neophyte here, and I'd like to know more
: about Her.  A couple of lovely things I've learned just recently:


Not a bad notion.  I'll contribute the fact that there appear to be
several IPU hells, including the Pastures of Short Grass and High Manure
and the place where Her Sacred Dwarves spend eternity biting the knees of
evil doers.  Theres also the various names I've heard her called,
including (my favorite) Our Galloping Goddess, Her Pinkness and She Whose
Hooves are Never Shod. 

Her book is, of course, The Big Golden Book of Atheism.

The ultimate proof of Her existence is that even atheists are willing to
worship her, (albeit mainly for the tax breaks). 

Maybe we should form alt.atheism.IPU?  Naaaaa! (A.X. Lias)