She is Ultimate Pink wrote:
: As far as Her Galloping Grace the IPU is concerned,
: I quote from Hoofprints 4:14 (by the prophet Ixian):

: Yea, and I was given by inspiration that She was 
: next to me, and I could touch Her, being the loyal
: servant, and I laid my hand upon Her mane, and 
: She *was* Pink.  She was not pink, She was not
: colourless, but She *felt* Pink, and I was thus 
: overcome.  I awoke later with a hangover, but I 
: knew She was *yet* Pink, but invisible.

Then there is Kazoo 6:73

For her Pinkness is such that it transcends pinkness.  Yea, it is beyond
the ken of man or mind to comprehend, but we shant question it for it is
the doubter than shall be skewered upon Her Sacred Horn, like unto a shish

From: (A.X. Lias)