The Only True Translation

Mike McAngus ( wrote:

: >Oh ye of little kumquats!! She (not it, Rick) is transcendently pink!

: >May She forgive you all!

: I went back to my NIV (New Interstellar Version) Big Golden
: Book of Atheism, and it definitely says "MEGA-pink" (emphasis
: is the original).

You're using the NIV! Great oyster balls, man, no wonder you come up with
this drivel! As any true Unicornist knows, the *only* true Big Golden Book
'o Atheism is the New Standard Revised Standard Revision, which is a
direct translation from the original Yadda Yadda. The only good thing I
can say about the NIV is that it's considerably better than the King Ralph
version, but that's hardly saying much.

Open your eyes and smell the road apples, Mike, before you do yourself
irresprepable spiritual harm. (A.X. Lias)