The Gospel According to St. Sascha

Chapter One

1 If thou were to behold me thou
wouldst surely die sayest the invisible Pink Unicorn
for thou canst not see both my pinkness
for it is invisible

2 then came one Bob of the Burger King,
devout and of repute before the law
the son of Ed, the TV repairman,
son of Anderson the town drunk,
son of Michael the shoeman.

3 On this day Bob tempted her Excellency by
attempting to view Her Pinkness' pinkness

4 Her Excellence was moved with anger
how darest thou oh Man to view my pinkness
I shall smite thee with bad spam

5 Then the Lord Goddess smit the Burger King
with bad spam, and all of the inhabitants thereof
had a Maalox night.

6 But the people's made prayer and supplications
thereof, and the Goddess was pleased with the
sweet odor of the bacon double cheeseburger with fries,
she therefore made a proclamation.

7 I shall set my bow(tie) in the heavens that never shall I
again smite Burger King employees with bad spam.
For the inhabitants thereof may taste of my mercy
and see that my invisible pinkness is all.

8 I am the Invisible Pink Unicorn and there is not
any other...I know not any.

Sascha Kokott