The Oyster Redeemed

Rochelle Athey ( wrote:

> Andrew, verily I say unto thee that the most high and reverential Purple
> Oyster (of Doom) was brought unto the usenet by another prophet, not by 
> me.

Yegads, the horror! Blame not Rochelle for the apostasy.

> However, Her Pinkness has revealed unto her lowly servant (myself) that 
> the Purple Oyster (of Doom) is one of her lowly minions.  He was cast out
> of her Pastures for the great evil of leading atheists everywhere into the 
> heretical notion that pepperoni and mushroom pizza is more pleasing to 
> Her than the Holy Pineapple and Ham.

But it is foretold that someday, on the Day of Oats and Hay, the Purple 
Oyster (of Doom) will be reconciled with the Mare of Peace and bask 
again in her rosy glow. It is said that no feast can equal that feast, that 
pineapple and ham will flow like wind in the mane!

-Brian (Brian E. Clark)