The Fall of the Purple Oyster

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A.X. Lias <> wrote:
>Slightly tangential, but Rochell has advocated the existence of a Purple
>Oyster (of Doom). I think that Rochell was divinely inspired by Her
>Pinkness to reveal the name of the Evil One to us and that this should be
>admitted into Her Sacred Lore.
 Andrew, verily I say unto thee that the most high and reverential Purple
Oyster (of Doom) was brought unto the usenet by another prophet, not by 
me.  However, Her Pinkness has revealed unto her lowly servant (myself) that 
the Purple Oyster (of Doom) is one of her lowly minions.  He was cast out of 
her Pastures for the great evil of leading atheists everywhere into the 
heretical notion that pepperoni and mushroom pizza is more pleasing to Her than
the Holy Pineapple and Ham.

Rochelle Athey