An Obvious Proof

Scott Horne wrote on 9 Jul 1994 23:04:02 -0400:

: What contributions have Her prophets on `alt.atheism' made to IPU (PBUH)
: lore?  Someone once reposted (at my request) the original Testament
: of Her Pinkness, translated from Her invisible golden tablets by one 
: terrestrial unicorn-in-training whose name I cannot recall.  I claim 
: responsibility for "(PBUH)" (`peace be unto Her'), which indirectly 
: revealed Her gender to the

There is also the fact that her pink invisibleness sustains reality as we 
know it. From a message in days gone past:

>How can you doubt the self-evident fact of the Invisible Pink Unicorn?
>Would not all reality fail if it did not exist? (Proof) For it says
>right here in the Book of Invisible Beasts and Lovely Equines (Unicorns
>chapter 2 verse 34) "For I (the Invisible Pink Unicorn) am the sustainer of
>reality." (sic) Obviously if there were not the Invisible Pink Unicorn we
>would not be here.

Benjamin Franz (Snowhare)