Revelations from the Lost Prophet of AOL

The Mystic Portal

These revelations came to us in 1995 from the Religion and Ethics forums of AOL. We are searching for the Prophetess that brought them to us.

The Shrine of the IPU is the Laundry Room.
It is proved because, if you notice in your socks - you often find holes in them when you pull them out of the dryer - pierced by her horn during a visitation to your shrine - doubt it not!
Sometimes the whole wash comes out pink - a proof of Her Pinkness if there ever was one .
It is said that She cavorts with one of her chosen Stallions in the midst of the spinning laundry. It is the afterglow of their lovemaking that imbues clothes with Her pinkness.
Also ye may know that ye have been especially blessed if you find that one of your socks has gone missing. Surely a sign from Her Horniness. If any one questions why ye are missing a sock, simply reply "My Mistress had need of it." No one is certain what She does with the socks, but rejoice for ye were chosen to make this sacrifice.

Find out about the incredible Holy Sock of Bob, a Treasured Relic of the Virtual -Temple of the IPU.