Kirby converts to atheism

Peter Kirby ( wrote:
: Well, for a week I cried, couldn't sleep, couldn't concentrate, and my
: grades plummeted.  (That's psychology - not "God's wrath" or something!)
: God is dead. :.(  But I am feeling better, and I really appreciate your
: support.

I'm *very* glad to hear that, and I'm sure others are as well.  I was kind
of worried; you made your announcement and then disappeared.  :-)

As you've already found, it does get better after the initial shock.
I didn't have to face that when I became an atheist, but I did deal
with it when I stopped being a Christian in 1992.  For a little while
I didn't want to have anything to do with anything, and then it was
all I could do to keep from rushing headlong into another religion to
fill the gap.  It was hard, and I'm quite sorry to hear that it's been
difficult for you as well.

: Are there any initiation rites?  Magic words?  And where do I get that
: cool EAC decoder ring? ;)

The good news is that the five-year waiting period quoted elsewhere is
exaggerated; *I've* got a ring, and I've only been an atheist for
2 1/2.  We will want to wait a *little* while before we give you
entrance into the Evil Atheist Conspiracy, though, just to make sure
your new ways stick.  :-)

: I'm fighting not to go back.

Is it much of a struggle for you?

With regard to initiations, the Holy Logical Faith does have a
ceremony where you pledge to renounce the Purple Works of
Oysterdom and serve only Our Galloping Goddess evermore.  Are
you interested?  :-)

: Yes, yes!  Tell me more! :-)

Basically, what the Great Pledge accomplishes is that you become one
of the Invisible Pink Unicorn's Very Own Special Spiritual Children.
What happens is that you are asked if you reject the Purple Oyster and
all his works, and if you will strive against His Viceroy on Earth,
the Visible Chartreuse Unicorn.  If you do, you are then asked if
you believe in the Goodness and Equinity of the Invisible Pink
Unicorn as outlined in the Big Golden Book O' Atheism (Newly Revised
Standard New Revision (Second Edition)).

If you agree to that as well, then you pour yourself a beer.  (Most of
us believe that Dr Pepper is also acceptable; other options can
be investigated by the High Council on Orthodoxy upon request.)
You then drink, and know the love of Our Divine Equine.  Be sure
to daub a bit on your forehead to mark your communion with Our
Lady of the One Horn.

Afterwards, you go out and partake of the Most Holy Round Meal.
Which sort depends on the sect that you join; I myself am a
Pepperonist, but there are many Ham-and-Pineapplists in the Holy
Logical Faith as well.  Of course, the Pepperonists are the only
ones who are *right*, but I'm willing to admit that my misguided
brethren are Her Buddies too.

Any questions?  :-)

: Strong or weak atheism and why do think that is the better position?

Which one do *you* feel more comfortable with right now?

: I think I'm strong with regards to personal gods.  "Man made God in his
: image.  Contrary remains to be proven."  As for a creator in general, I'm
: weak, although I consider it pretty unlikely as the idea of "god" in general
: is anthropomorphic.

Then go with it.  :-)
Best of luck to you.

: Thank you very much.

We're all pulling for you, kid.  :-)

Blessings in Her,
Natalie (Natalie Ramsey)