I came seeking Enlightnenment. Just as my epiphany was about to occur, weakling that I am, I happened upon the link to Her Filliness' image, I succumbed to temptation -- and clicked mightily, expecting to find nothing! Once I beheld the Image, my faith was shattered. How can I believe what I have seen with my own eyes?

Leo Toribio (

MHL Rich Daniel replies:

O ye of little faith! If thou hadst but the faith of a road apple, thou wouldst know that the image thou sawest was not the true Unicorn but merely an artist's conception of Her Inner Being, such as Michaelangelo painted of that upstart impostor Yahweh, who is even more invisible than Herself (having existence only in the minds of his poor mis-guided followers).

For a penance thou must give all that thou hast to the Foundation for the Preservation of Unicorns, Bigfeet, and Other Very Rare Species. Repent!